About the American Cancer Society

For a century, the American Cancer Society has fought for every birthday threatened by every cancer in every community. Thanks in part to the American Cancer Society, two of every three people diagnosed with cancer today survive. Sixty years ago, less than half of people diagnosed survived. And it’s DetermiNation team members like you who help make that possible.

Together with our millions of supporters, the American Cancer Society saves lives and creates more birthdays by:

  • Helping you stay well: We help people everywhere take steps to prevent cancer or detect it early.
  • Helping you get well: We’re in your corner to guide you through every step of a cancer experience.
  • Finding cures: We research cancer's causes and cures - and we get results.
  • Fighting back: We work with legislators to pass laws that defeat cancer and rally communities to join the fight.

This year, nearly 14 million cancer survivors in America and countless others who have avoided the disease, will celebrate another birthday thanks to our work to save lives - work that is possible because of you. 

DN Icon 15x15 To learn more please visit cancer.org or call us toll-free at 1-800-227-2345, anytime, day or night.